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AppNetworkCounter Download [Updated] 2022

AppNetworkCounter Download [Updated] 2022

If you suspect that certain software applications gained Internet access without your permission or if you just want to find out which running programs are the most demanding when it comes to network traffic, you can use AppNetworkCounter.
It's a small-sized tool capable of monitoring active programs to determine the amount of TCP or UDP bytes they send and receive. It reveals a multitude of information about each entry in the list, giving you the possibility to export everything to file.
Find out how much network bandwidth is being used by each process
All currently running processes are detected at startup automatically so you don't have to trigger anything to make this happen. Readings are shown in real-time for the sent and received bytes, packets and speed, along with bytes sent and received via IPv4.
More details are shown for each process in the list, including the application's full path, product name and version, file description, and company name. The information of any selected items can be copied to the clipboard or saved to file in TXT, JSON, CSV, HTML or XML format.
Export data to file and configure various settings
As far as configuration settings are concerned, you can change the default display unit for the speed and bytes counter, include the activity of localhost addresses in the monitor, show grid lines, hide the columns you're not interested in, as well as reset the selected counters.
AppNetworkCounter doesn't have a system implemented to notify you when a particular program has surpassed or is about to surpass the limit of allowed bytes, nor can it limit the amount of network bytes used by applications. However, it's useful for helpinh you make your own evaluations concerning resource-demanding programs after monitoring them for a while. Besides, it's portable and free to use.








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* Displays the amount of network traffic generated by all currently running processes
* Detects all processes at startup automatically
* Features a variety of configuration settings
* Shows the most used programs in detail
* Represents data in real-time
* Allows you to export it to file
* Available for Windows
* Lightweight and free for use
AppNetworkCounter requires Windows XP or later.

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( : )
/watch?v=KS6_p-Q_k-s /
Thanks for watching!

(Keep in mind:
You must be an AceFan [ ^
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1. Detect all currently running processes
2. Collect information about each process
3. Display the amount of network traffic for each process
4. Export information to file
5. Export configurable parameters
6. Real-time display for sent and received bytes, packets and speed
7. Columns display for selected items
8. Interactive selection of processes, columns and rows
9. Display of items in grid mode
10. Reset counters by selecting them
11. Configure display unit for bytes and speed
12. Real-time traffic display for bytes
13. Configure TCP and UDP counters
14. Show activity of localhost addresses
15. Show grid lines
16. Hide columns you're not interested in
17. Export data to file in various formats
18. Configure columns in JSON, TXT, CSV, HTML or XML format
19. Reset counters by selected rows or processes
20. Export/set snapshot in HTML and PNG formats
21. Configure restart flag
22. Change date format
23. Change size units


The default unit of measurement for bytes is KB but can I change that to MB, GB, TB or something else? If not, can I use that as a default unit and leave the default unit for speed as seconds (0.1 KB/s is 10 ms).
There's no need for me to export the content of the grid. It can be displayed in the same manner as the list view but with grid lines.
What would be the value of offset?


Thank you very much for your help.


I found the same solution for Windows 32-bit here: C++ applications using the Win32 API to get total network bandwidth usage of one computer
There's no need for me to export the content of the grid. It can be displayed in the same manner as the list view but with grid lines.
What would be the value of offset?

offset has to be a positive number, in my case 500. It means I will get a list of 500 processes sorted by bytes sent and received.
For me this is enough but you can change offset if you want to get a more precise list of processes sorted by bytes received or sent.

There's no need for me to export the content of the grid. It can be
displayed in the same manner as the list view but with grid lines.

Indeed, for me

AppNetworkCounter Activation

Monitoring various applications:

Monitor TCP or UDP network traffic:

Clipboard and file export of data:

Export to TXT, JSON, CSV, HTML, XML formats:

24/7 free support:

What's new in this version:

Drop dead important security changes: version 1.5 is the last version using FileProvider as well as FileProvider2.0. If you use a FileProvider to host files, it's important to read the release notes:


Maxime Cazes


Maxime Cazes







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What's New In AppNetworkCounter?

1. Counts the network traffic used by active processes.
2. Shows the amount of traffic used by specific applications.
3. Automatically detects all running programs at startup.
4. Keeps the process list up-to-date.
5. Displays the top 20 highest network traffic applications.
6. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 connections.
7. Offers options to export data to TXT, JSON, CSV, HTML or XML format.
8. Has no system implemented to notify you when an application is close to exceeding its allowed network traffic allowance.
9. Can be configured to limit the amount of traffic used by applications.
10. Portable and free.
VirusTotal report
This tool is clean. The download size is only 138 KiB. The rating is poor (virus detected with all engines).


Monitor the total network traffic of all active processes.

AppNetworkCounter shows the amount of traffic used by each application in real time. It's powered by the AppPulse API, a standard service provided by Google that enables access to user statistics, such as which apps are being used the most. It's very handy for discovering which applications are the most resource-demanding when using the Internet or sharing files.

In a win 10 machine I have total 6 apps running. Like any google applications all apps are facing network issues. so I started using the tool and I observed that all apps are consuming more bandwidth then originally. So i ran the report and check the bandwidth percentage.


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